Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Married

Kristen Stewart & ROBERT PATTINSON have actual plans to tie the knot & you can look ahead to the a wedding day announcement any day now. ROBERT PATTINSON presented Kristen Stewart with an enchanting emerald ring, being that Kristen Stewart isn’t a big admirer of typically used diamond rings as most ladies are accustomed to. I’m almost positive, that Kristen Stewart a.k.a. Bella most likely doesn’t like them because not only is she one of a kind & has a mind of her own but we suspect she conceives that to get a diamond, on your digit, a worker in the land of the Sahara was obligated to work through brutal hot days to locate a dazzling stone. Anyway, the eccentric, green eyed beauty- Kristen Stewart a.k.a. Bella, does not yearn an embellished wedding party neither, she yearns for something uncomplicated but eloquent much as their love for each other & their bond. 

Madonna Shows Her Titty During Concert in Turkey

A few nights ago, during a show on the MDNA Tour, the queen of pop, Madonna went over the top much like in the past with a mythical performance at the crossroads of Europe and Asia in which she fully exposed her chest to the public. Unfortunately, her daring move has raised mixed reviews. Some of her media have pointed her move as a hasty move from the queen of pop, Madonna to gain fame yet again just like she did in her early days.

However, it absolutely turned people off. The Queen of Pop, Madonna is now looked at a fool. Obviously, The Queen of Pop, Madonna messed up. Anyway, I feel that The Queen of Pop, Madonna should drop from daring antics.  The Queen of Pop, Madonna is too worn out to be displaying her chest to the public at a performance like she’s still in her 20’s. The fact is, that it is ridiculous. The Queen of Pop, Madonna get a life!